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Please note that Dr. Romero will be away for the Allergan Speakers' Meeting in California from Friday, May 13 to Saturday, May 14.

He will also be away for a vacation from Monday, June 20 to Saturday, June 25.

Dr Romero will be attending 2 back-to-back meetings from Wednesday, July 6 to Monday, July 16. Please mark your calendars.

Thank you.




Dearest patients,

In July of 2015, I suffered a partially torn tendon on my right knee. For a week, I had to ride a scooter to get around. Thankfully, through physical rehabilitation, I was able to walk on my own again.

As I write this e-blast, I am wearing braces on both painful and swollen knees. I suffered a debilitating right knee re-injury from last weeks's Botox Day, April 27. The constant and alternating sitting down, getting up and walking caused a worsening of my knee tendon problems. I have been walking with a cane since then. On Tuesday this week I was not ready to work so I had to cancel my patient appointments. My schedule was kept light all this week.

My Pain Management doctor tells me that my body is simply telling me to slow down and that my knees cannot take the exhaustive physical exertion required of me on Botox Days. And I agree with her.

With profound regret and sadness, I have to announce the end of ALL Botox Days. My knees simply cannot take the pounding they get on these days. This is the only way to allow me to keep practicing Cosmetic Medicine for many more years. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience and hardship this may cause. 

Patients already scheduled for May 25 will be contacted by my office staff to reschedule. The Botox Day rates will no longer apply, in fairness to those still calling to come on Botox Days but could not be accommodated.

I also have to shorten my clinic hours: Lunchtime will be 12:30 to 2 PM (instead of 1-2 PM) and I will take a break in the afternoon from 4:40 to 5PM.

The office will reduce the number of new patients and strive to maintain current ones. The new patient discount will no longer apply effective immediately.


With the growth of my practice, I did not need to offer Botox Days. I held Botox Days as long as I could because I knew how many of you love to come on these days. 

Many patients say they wish I could practice for a long time. That is also my wish. With my history of 5 major spinal surgeries due to my Congenital Spinal Stenosis, I truly have to listen to my body.

The office has very limited openings due to the meeting dates listed at the top of the email and the anticipated health-related office downtime. If you have scheduled for Botox Day for Wednesday, May 25, please call 631-858-0500 to reschedule.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Dr William Romero




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